Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mitsubishi - Vermilion/Prussian Blue

Today I am reviewing a pencil that has made its way to the head of the line. It is a specialty pencil. I have been doing so much editing work lately at my job that I have found these things to be a wonderful desk companion. It is a pencil that is meant to be sharpened at both ends.

Normally the idea of sharpening both ends of a pencil just seems plain wrong to me. I have had one too many pencils break my skin when I put my hand in my pocket for that to be practical. A couple of pencil caps from General pencil solve that issue for me.

This pencil writes smooth without the waxy feel of the typical colored pencil. The lead is surprisingly strong and long lasting. I do find myself using the red more than the blue but it is nice being able to write feedback and correct grammar all with the same pencil. Highly recommended. Cost about a buck a piece and they are available online and at local art stores.

Graphite is key to green technology

I was reading some financial news and discovered something I was not aware of regarding the good stuff at the heart of my beloved pencils. Did you know that a key component of lithium ion batteries as well as fuel cell technology is graphite? The demand for graphite globally is expected to grow at at alarming rate. Amazing stuff.