Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Graphite is key to green technology

I was reading some financial news and discovered something I was not aware of regarding the good stuff at the heart of my beloved pencils. Did you know that a key component of lithium ion batteries as well as fuel cell technology is graphite? The demand for graphite globally is expected to grow at at alarming rate. Amazing stuff.


  1. Did you know that "Graphene" is a space age material that won the founder a Nobel Prize? It is found to be a super-conducting material that may revolutionize the electronics world.
    It was created in this hi-tech manner:
    1. find a chunk of raw graphite
    2. use some celophane tape to pull the graphite in half, over and over until you have one molecule thickness of graphite which is:
    GRAPHINE....don't try this at home kids without the proper supervision.

    Really...look it up. Aren't pencils the best?