Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kickstarter Help Please!

Have you ever had a friend with a really great idea, run a Kickstarter and you just don't want to see it fail cause it is just that good? My friend Ryan has an awesome idea like that.
The game is called Sum Wars and I think it's a fun game, great for math skills and will make the earth a better place. It could even lead to a cure for cancer (indirectly of course, maybe some kid will grow up playing sum wars, will get smart, become a scientist and invent a cancer antidote).

What does Sum Wars have to do with pencils?
1. Pencils get used for lots of math.
2. Pencils were used in the design of this game.
3. I like pencils, I like this game.
4. You could wear a pencil above your ear while playing this game and it would keep you looking uber smart during game play.
5. You have trusted my perspective on pencils, you can trust me about cool new math games.
So here is the deal, Ryan has just 14 days to go to get this funded. If you have ever enjoyed a pencil... For the love of Mike (or Ryan) if you can't spare a little bit of money, share this post with your friends. Better yet post it on your blog!

 Sum Wars!

Pencil Reviewer
(aka Ryan's friend)

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