Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Palomino Blackwing Pearl Review Part 2

I spent a little time last night writing with the Pearl and I kept on being distracted by the finish on the pencil. It feels amazing! It reminds me of the feel of a Tombow Mono. It has the barrel width that is pleasing to hold and the smooth surface of the paint is nice.

I did my standard comparison with the Turquoise 4B (supposedly the same lead formulation as the original Blackwing). You can see above that the Pearl has a darker line. The paper used for this testing is from a plain Moleskine Cahier. It is inside my new buffalo hide Journey Notebook (off eBay). They posed together for this shot. Yes I am a paper freak too. ;)

Ill be using the Pearl for notes during a meeting this morning and I thought of one thing, you may recall that I prefer the pink erasers. I think that maybe the Pearl is a little bit feminine with the pink eraser. What do you think?

I do like the look of it peeking out of the notebook though with the black eraser.

I haven't said all there is to say about the Blackwing Pearl.


  1. Just for grins: how does it look with the white eraser? And since the Pearl is so different externally, I have to wonder how the colored erasers would look . . .

  2. Millicent, you are a genius. It looks the coolest with the white eraser on it. I will include a photo on Part 3. I have been meaning to get a couple of packs of the green and other colored erasers from pencils.com but I never remember, I think the green would rock.

  3. How does the core compare to the other palomino blackwings?

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