Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Am I insane?

So I recently did a review of the Palomino Blackwing and I must say this is definitely the week for Blackwing fever. Tonight at midnight (Pacific Time?) the new ones go on sale but only for the subscribers of the Pencils.com newsletter. Everybody else has to wait until the 9th. Just to let you know I will not be staying up that late. You may need to have this information as you evaluate my sanity later on in this post.

Somebody at work caught a glimpse of my Palomino BW today at work and they reacted with a, "you need help" look and said something that was even harsher. Let me show you my pencil.

I'd rather not waste the buttery goodness this pencil has provided so I took the famous ferrule off the thing and put it in a pencil extender. The end result was something like this.

It is definitely a bit of a bummer to not have the ferrule and eraser on there but the thing still writes beautifully.

So tell me, am I insane?

Just tell me in the comments area.


  1. Nope, I will be doing the same, or I will put into use in one of my bullet pencils. I will also be ordering the 602 tonight. DIG IT

  2. Ok now I am feeling tempted to stay up late to buy pencils. DIG IT is right!

  3. I don't think you're insane. If you are, at least, all the rest of us are insane as well.

    Where did you get that pencil extender?

    (Full disclosure @ Mikel: I work for Pencils.com -- I'm excited, too! I'm glad you'll be ordering tonight! We need to convince Pencil Reviewer to stay up past his bedtime to get with the leets. (-: )

  4. That's a Derwent extender I bought at Hobby Lobby. Has an almost rubbery feeling paint on it. Came in a two pack but the other one is too thick for any of the pencils I use. This one opens wide enough to accept even the metal end cap on a Kimberly 4B. And can handle the added girth of a Tombow Mono. Great addition to my travel kit.

    I don't think I can stay up that late, I live in another timezone and I am already in bed. TMI I know.

    Glad to know I am not insane. At least I have company if so.

  5. Old Bullet pencils do make a great extender...I agree with Mikel!
    I always have a bullet pencil and tactical space pen (same length as the bullet)in my vest pocket and I'm set for anything...

  6. Am so glad to have found this blog! Love this insanity!

  7. Is there an extender that fits the Blackwing without modification?