Friday, June 17, 2011

Go speed eraser go...

When I was in first grade, the teacher rewarded my entire class with Pink Pearl erasers. I cannot remember what merited these precious gifts but I can still remember that day. I sat in the desk behind Amy. The reason I remember that I sat behind Amy is she stole my eraser. I was playing with my Pink Pearl on my desk. I imagined it was a very fast and sleek race car. As you may be aware, Pink Pearl erasers don't have wheels so my little "car" put the brakes on and rolled when i took one corner too fast. The accident was horrible and I never got a chance to see if the driver (picture speed racer in pink) made it out alive. Just as the bouncing and flipping stopped on the classroom floor under my desk, Amy (with her snarled, twine like, blonde braids) swooped down and grabbed my Pink Pearl. I could hear the driver screaming for help and I immediately shouted at Amy, upsetting the teacher. Instead of coming to my aid, the teacher hollered at me and asked Amy what had happened.

I could not get my protests out soon enough. Amy told the teacher that I had taken her eraser and that she had just taken it back.

To this day, whenever I see a pink pearl eraser I think of Amy with two of them. I imagine she still carries mine around with her. If you see her, could you check on my driver? Tell him I haven't forgotten that day and I hope he is well.