Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally! The package came... First Impressions of the new 602

So, through a bit of a mixup the post office mis-delivered my package. It just got to me a few minutes ago considering I ordered them on June 8th at about 4 am this has been a long wait (154 hours of waiting for new pencils, sick I know, but you are the one reading this blog post so I am guessing I am not the only one with problems).

My first impression is the paint is amazing on them. It feels smooth like the Tombow Mono. I want a car with this paint on it. I pulled out my Helix handheld metal sharpener and sharpened the first one leaving a single shaving on the desk. It only broke into two when I picked it up to move it for the photo.

I noticed on this pencil that the ferrule is not square with the lettering the way that Palomino's other Blackwing offering is. It is off center like the EF 602. One minor flaw, the ferrule on my first pencil is slightly crooked too. I have not put the pencil through all the paces yet and will get back to you but I am excited to take this one with me to my next meeting for note-taking. I will be sure to outfit it with a pink eraser before I head that way.


  1. I took mine for a spin last night at a FEMA meeting. I'm eager to read your opinion.

  2. CMW, I am curious what your experience has been with the new 602? Thanks for stopping by!